We are a specialist organisation catering exclusively for the automotive industry and we call on over 25 combined years of experience in the fields of events, travel, PR, and hospitality with a commitment to providing and producing only the very best for fellow automotive enthusiasts.

Our goal is to create, produce and manage events not only on behalf of your brand but as your brand regardless of your size and vision whilst taking into consideration your philosophies and guidelines.

AEC is staffed by people who are passionate about all things automotive. Outside of the office, we are track day drivers, motorbike riders and all-around automotive socialites with a sometimes-unhealthy passion for tinkering. When in the office, we're dedicated to producing nothing but the very best for the industry that we love. Here is just a small selection of things that we're rather good at:

...and there's plenty more where that came from. It all starts with some car chat so why not give us a call and share your ideas. We're here to help. 

The Automotive Event Company is a specialist event organisation catering exclusively for the Automotive Industry and is a trading name of Classic Grand Touring LTD.



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